Explore the Real Beauty of Hawaii


Hiking – Without Leaving a Trace
You choose the island, absorb the beauty while hiking. If you are not an experienced hiker, there are guided hiking trips. Experience the beauty of the natural trails of the islands, or venture to a specific area.

Oahu offers beautiful Waterfall hiking tours that cover an area of 2-miles round-trip. The visual view of waterfalls is breathtaking as the water plunges over the edge dropping 200-feet while you take in the tropical plants of the Hawaiian Islands at your feet. The fresh, moist air with the fragrance of the tropical vegetation is lets you know you’ve arrived in paradise.

A more challenging hike would be the Olomana Hike on Kailua. Another breathtaking scene. The peaks at Olomana are simply amazing. Not all peaks are for every level hiker, but I’m sure there’s a unique hiking place on one of the trails of Olomana that you’ll cherish forever. Visualize a view from a high peak overlooking a valley of lush green vegetation. Remember, no bikes allowed and hiking rule “Leave No Trace” applies.
The “Leave No Trace Rule” is a gentle kindness hikers apply to the sport. Carry back what you carry on the trip, be gentle where you step to observe the preservation of new growth, don’t create new paths and disrupt nature. Above all enjoy the scenic beauty of nature.

Hiking on any the Hawaiian Islands is beauty untouched.

Snorkeling and Scuba diving – To See and Feel Beauty
For the novice, you’ll find many snorkeling tours led by trained guides, or venturing out on your own if you have previous snorkeling experience and enjoy the beauty of the world underwater. The sea life is plentiful and beautiful; the colors of sea life are spectacular, and underwater plant life is ever changing. You can rent your snorkeling gear, take lessons, and explore life underwater. Scuba diving in oahu is an experience you will never forget. These Scuba instructors will put together a scuba course that best fits your scuba level

Get the feel of snorkeling in a gigantic aquarium. Never so close to the most colorful fish that appear to glow underwater. Maybe you will be lucky enough to get a glimpse of a turtle enjoying a slow swim through the warm water.

Whale Watching – Or Are the Whales Watching Us
Maui is one of the islands that enjoy the visual migration of whales during the peak season of the whales travels. You can view them from a hillside, on the shore splashing in the water, or looking over the edge of a tour boat. These gentle giants travel near the boats with their family. If you choose to sit on the beach and whale watch or take one of the many boat tours for a closer view of the whales on the move, the choice is yours. Whatever way you choose to watch, you’ll never forget the heart-pounding excitement of their beauty.